Alex’s Story – National Transplant Week

As part of National Transplant Week, we’d like to share Alex’s story, by Lisa Jackson. Lisa was kind enough to share with us how Alex’s decision to become an organ donor positively impacted many lives and encouraged others to become organ donors.

Alex's StoryOrgan donation was always something I admired.

I have read about the miracles that were given to those whose lives depended on getting that phone call. Can you imagine the happiness of the phone call that could improve or even save your life but for it to be tinged by sadness about why that phone call had come? Who had lost their life and whose family had lost a loved one?

It is the ultimate gift to somebody but yet I didn’t really understand what it truly meant. In all honesty I didn’t really know how I felt about it. I was lucky enough to not be in that need and neither were my family to think about it in such detail. I would see it on TV and think wow what an amazing story but then go about my day once more. However all of that was about to change and I hope to give you an insight from another perspective.

In the early hours of Thursday 27th November our lives were tragically turned upside down. My nephew Alex Jackson was involved in a car crash and despite the best efforts of ICU at The Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, lost his fight for life on Friday 28th November 2014.

Alex was the most beautiful, caring and loving young man and the whole family are absolutely devastated. Alex had so much to live for, he worked hard at school and college and was so excited to be offered a place as an apprentice electrician. He had a huge passion for football and table tennis. He was always a cheeky boy and always smiling. He left quite an impression on everybody who was lucky enough to meet him, especially to those who were privileged to have him be part of our family.

The doctors came and said there was nothing more they could do for Alex, they tried everything they could. This was the worst possible news, my brother had lost his son and there was nothing any of us could do to help him. They then went onto to explain that Alex had registered as an organ donor a few months before his death. In that moment, everyone knew it was the right thing to do and it offered some much needed comfort that his wishes were to be fulfilled.

Alex could no longer be here with us yet I was in awe that this 18 year old man could be so selfless and go on to help complete strangers who could still have a chance of life.
This was so typical of Alex, always putting others first. There are no words to describe how proud we all are of him even more so his Dad Paul, Step Mum Fiona, Brothers Antony, Cameron, Aidan, Aaron and Sisters Emily and Amy to name just a few!

The transplant team and the staff in ICU at the Royal Sussex County Hospital were amazing. They explained everything and took care of Alex every step of the way and treated him with the dignity and respect that he deserved.

On Thursday 18th December 2015, on what would have also been Alex’s 19th Birthday, we said our final goodbyes. Alex will always be with us and we are so proud of what he has achieved and honored to have been a part of his life.

In the months that have followed letters continued to drop through Paul’s door telling him how people have been helped by Alex. One lady received a kidney. She had previously been totally dependent on dialysis. Another lady who suffered from diabetes received his pancreas and now no longer requires insulin. He also donated eye tissue to 2 recipients. His heart was donated for use of the valves, one of which has already been given to a young boy. In addition his liver is being used for research. It’s amazing that Alex has achieved all of this.

As news quickly spread about Alex donating his organs, many family and friends have now also registered. Sitting here and thinking about those people he has helped is amazing and through us telling his remarkable story, he could potentially save many more lives in the future by encouraging people to think about organ donation and what it could mean to register.

Whoever these people are who Alex helped, I hope you get to achieve all of your dreams and go on to live long and happy lives.

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Monkey Wellbeing would like to thank Lisa Jackson for sharing Alex’s Story.