Learn with Dr. Dog – A Tribute to Adam Bojelian

Adam Bojelian & Dr DogAt Monkey Wellbeing, we’re very fortunate to speak with individuals involved with healthcare and education. One such person is Zoe Picton.

Zoe’s son Adam Bojelian was born with cerebral palsy and had very limited movement, but was able to communicate through blinking. Adam wrote award-winning poems and tweeted regularly from @Adsthepoet. Sadly, Adam passed away on March 24th, but his poetry and achievements live on and Adam was recently featured as a HSJ Patient Leader.

Here, Zoe tells us all about Learn with Dr. Dog, a new initiative which aims to educate on NHS policy in a fun and friendly way.

Adam and I had often chatted about making the Learn with Dr. Dog films last year during Adam’s long hospital stay.

Unfortunately it was too difficult to make them while Adam was in hospital and he very sadly didn’t, as everyone had hoped he would, make it home. I therefore decided to make the films as a tribute to Adam.

Dr. Dog is Adam’s dog Charlie. Adam got Charlie when he was six and they became close friends. Charlie Dog was the perfect dog for Adam as he is lively and fun when out but calm and gentle when needed. He walked beautifully to heel with Adam’s buggy. He also developed naturally some great “medic – alert” skills, alerting those around Adam if there was a medical emergency, picking up on subtle changes before they could be seen by the human eye. He was always right. He slept in Adam’s room every night Adam was home.

Adam and I had planned to make the Dr. Dog films because we were both very aware of numerous policies and the like, which did so much to improve children’s lives, but didn’t always filter down to the front line. Busy staff did not have the time to read lengthy policy documents or found them too dull and boring.

Dr. Dog is fun. Charlie Dog (like Monkey) has a happy, comic face. In real life he always makes people smile. By using Dr. Dog NHS staff and others can learn about dry but very important policy issues in a fun way. The other “characters” in the Dr. Dog films are some of Adam’s cuddly toys. They are included, as like NHS staff, they come in all different shapes and sizes; they also bring an element of fun to the films and they are another direct connection to Adam.

The Dr. Dog films are short, to encourage people to watch them each week. Also their short length makes it easy for individual films to be used by anyone for training and education.

Essentially Learn with Dr. Dog is a small contribution in Adam’s honour to hopefully help improve patient care & staff happiness across the NHS.

Monkey Wellbeing would like to thank Zoe for her contribution to the blog. To find out more about Dr Dog, visit the Dr Dog blog.