Monkey’s Learned how to use a Peak Flow Meter


Here’s Monkey’s story of how he uses a peak flow meter as part of his asthma action plan. If you’re interested in learning more about asthma, be sure to take a look at Monkey’s various asthma resources as well as the Monkey has an Asthma Attack storybook and Monkey has Asthma activity guide.

Monkey Learns about Peak Flow Meters

“The nurse at the hospital showed me how to use a peak flow meter as part of my asthma action plan. It works by measuring how fast I can blow the air out of my lungs. I check my peak flow twice each day – when I get up and before I go to bed.

I write down the numbers from the meter, then by comparing them with my “personal best” number, the doctor and my grown-ups can tell whether my asthma treatment is working.

My “personal best” number is the highest reading I had over 2 weeks when my asthma was really good and I didn’t have any symptoms. The doctor used this number to develop my asthma action plan.

This is how I use the peak flow meter:

First I move the marker on the meter down to the bottom of the scale (towards where I blow)


Then I stand up, and when I’m ready, I take a deeeep breath

Next I put the mouthpiece in my mouth and blow as hard as I can.

I don’t have to blow for ages – just a short, sharp blow


Then I take a look at my peak flow meter reading and write the number down on some paper

I have to do it all again two more times, but I don’t mind because it’s very quick. If I cough while I’m blowing, I have to start again. So when I’ve finished, I’ve got 3 readings.

Then my grown-ups help me to write down the highest of the 3 numbers – that’s my peak flow reading – in my log chart and the chart in my peak flow diary.


It’s easy!”

Peak flow meter horiz by Tomhannen