New Monkey Flu Fighter Poster

Help Monkey Fight FluWe’re pleased to share a brand new Monkey flu fighter poster, just in time for winter!

The new poster encourages children to help Monkey fight flu and get their flu vaccine. Featuring the hashtags #staywellthiswinter and #flufighter, our new poster is a perfect addition to your GP surgery or ward.

To download the poster and view the full range of Monkey Wellbeing resources for the NHS visit our resources section. We offer a range of free resources for hospitals, doctors and dentists, including posters, colouring-in sheets and leaflets.

The NHS website also has a range of resources that can help you get ready for winter, including the new webpage, which features winter health advice, details on winter illnesses and getting help. Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, has also released a video on why it’s important to get the flu vaccine this year: