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Some of my friends have been kind enough to talk about their experiences, so I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

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Professional Studies

It is well documented in professional studies that children can suffer from anxiety and negative emotional effects when they find themselves in a strange environment like a hospital, without adequate preparation. It is vital that the healthcare system provides information that explains the child’s journey through their hospital experience and/or surgery to help them cope with the situation.

“At worst, bad experiences can permanently affect a child’s psychological development and will have a profound impact on their attitudes and interaction with future health services as children and as they grow into adults…”

“When a child is admitted to hospital for surgery this is an anxious time for the whole family. Illness and admission to hospital can cause stress for the parents and this can alter the child and family’s ability to cope.”

“Meeting the Needs of Children and Young People Undergoing Surgery through the eyes of children, young people and carers”

My friends

In the days running up to our Special Needs Dentist appointment I read the book (Monkey’s Family Visit the Dentist) to Ethan and asked him to look at Monkeys teeth. He embraced the Monkey puppet and vocalised to the puppet about looking at his teeth…I’m pleased to say that this appointment was our best dentist appointment ever. We didn’t get Ethan anywhere near the dentist chair but he was happy to let the dentist come near him.”

Jane & Ethan

“As you can see, the book isn’t just drawings of what will happen at the dentist, it’s real life pictures showing the shiny metal, the appliances and tubes etc. It is so good to be able to show them the chair, the other children in the chair along with Monkey and talk through the things that will happen. The book also talks children through the polishing process, an x-ray and having a tube put into your mouth to suck out any saliva….We love Monkey Wellbeing. I think this picture says it all. He’s a big hit here.”

Hannah Atkinson

“First we read the story called “Monkey Has a Blood Test”. This book was fantastic, it told Bethany all about how her blood is pumped around her body by her heart, and where to feel her pulse. It mentioned about why she may need to have a blood test, and showed all the different things they use to take blood. Then the book goes through the steps of having a blood test in a nice easy way for children to understand.”

Chloe and Bethany, Beth Bear Blog

“Monkey has helped Caillou feel a lot less scared of the doctor, and we feel very prepared for any future visits to the hospital.”

Caillou and Miri, Here We Are Together

“I love fun resources and stories which are educational and which children can learn valuable lessons from. If my children were ever booked in for a planned hospital visit, I would definitely purchase these resources, as they certainly would eliminate much of the fear and worry whilst giving children a realistic insight into what to expect on their visit or stay, through excellent photos and explanations.”

Ali, My Life My Love

“The books are simple and explain step by step what the child will expect when they go for an operation and I think it would put a parent’s mind at rest too.”

Tilly and Vicky, Being Tilly’s Mummy